Robert studied commercial graphic design for four years in high school. Furthering his education he attended Sheridan College of Art in Oakville Ontario and The Banff School of fine Arts, Banff Alberta. He worked in retail advertising for seventeen years, and ten years as a freelance graphic designer. In 1994 Robert began his work as a Heraldic Artist with the Canadian Heraldic Authority. Robert designs and paints Coats of Arms for individuals, institutions, municipalities and towns. Canadian Military crests and badges are also among the work Robert is assigned under the guidance of the Heralds at the Chancellery. During the early 2000' s Bishop Ralph D. Spence of Hamilton commissioned Robert to paint many large format Armorial Bearings, of King George III, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II, as well as hand painted decorative memorial plaques that have been placed in several historical churches throughout the Diocese of Niagara. Robert creates hand painted shields of Arms for members of The Order of St. John and The Order of St. Lazarus. The shields are displayed at the respective headquarters, in The Hall of Honours. Robert resides on his hobby farm near the city of Ottawa Ontario with his wife Brenda, their English cream golden retriever Arthur, their horses and chickens. 

Robert offers a number of commercial applications for Coats of Arms, badges and crests.  

 From jpeg files or hard copy samples of Coats of Arms, crests and badges, Robert will produce computer generated line art in colour and/or black and white as shown in the examples below. The drawings can be applied to any number of commercial applications, such as jewelry, pins, coins, personal cards, flags, banners, and decals, to name a few. 

 Hand painted shields are another of Roberts craft. The examples shown are (A) Shield of Arms 4 3/4" x 3 1/2" with a bevelled edge, mounted on a decorative wood backing. (B) Coat of Arms painted on a wooden shield 8" x 10" with varnish finish and slotted back for hanging. Shield (B) can be displayied indoors or outdoors.

Robert will be happy to assist you with your specific project. Please go to the contact page to submit your request.